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What is scan2return?

Why should I use scan2return?

scan2return offers a unique and simple way to recover lost smartphones or any other devices - even when it is locked or the battery was drained.

  • About 5 million smartphones were lost in the U.S. in 2015.
  • When locked it´s almost impossible to relate a lost device to its owner - scan2return can do it!
  • A reward increases the chances to recover your lost item as it is automatically displayed to the finder. You fix the amount!


Got some stuff and fear to loose it? Don´t worry! Protect it for free with a scan2return Code and it can be easily returned to you.

easy to sign up

Enter your Email-address, choose a password and ready to go!

device registration

Sign up and easily register your devices - free of charge!

Put up a reward to increase the chance to recover your things!

After registering your device an individual/ defined QR code will pop up on your lock screen. This code simply has to be scanned by the finder and a detailed instruction for device return will appear.

unlimited device registration

Protect all your belongings with scan2return! No matter if it´s an eBook or a diary, a camera or your favorite jacket. Simply register the item and a QR-Code is automatically emailed to you. Put it on whatever you want and it can easily be returned to you in case you´ve lost it!

QR Code

Everyone knows QR Codes and how to scan them. That's why everbody can scan and return your lost property!

Privacy protection

Due to the QR-code no personal data appears.

How much is the app?

The scan2return protection is for free!

  • The app is available in Google Play Store free of charge, free of scam and free of advertising!
  • Register as many items (smartphone, notebook, diary) as you like - for free!
  • Set or update the finder's reward as often as you like - also for free!
Costs only incur if you want to regain your item and start the return process with scan2return.


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